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Training Vendor Review Guidebook

May 22, 2019

Are you looking to purchase off-the-shelf training courses that will work in your LMS? While it can be daunting to find a vendor that will suit the evolving needs of your organization, it’s important to remember that not only are you purchasing a course library, you're also starting a partnership with the vendor - a relationship that should simplify your training programs and meet your needs now, and in the future.

I've done a series of training content vendor reviews, to give you a starting point in your search. The companies included in the reviews are Vivid Learning SystemsSkillsoftBizLibrary, and Emtrain. And while there are many content vendors in the market place, not all of them are easy to work with.

I reviewed companies that minimum compliance standard of SCORM 2.0, because there are too many issues incorporating SCORM 1.2 courses into an LMS. The results tracking is limited, the information that is sent to the LMS is likewise limited, and there are better content options.

I also reviewed companies that support companies ranging from small-medium businesses, to enterprise level corporations. I did not include companies that focus on global markets, or that focus on developing specialized programming for an individual company.

All of the vendors reviewed offer some version of Sexual Harassment Training - some meet the specific standards for states like California, Connecticut, New York, Delaware, Maine, or Canada. If you have a specific content requirement issued by your state, check with the vendor to see if the course is meets the requirements.

Most of the vendors listed below offer a free trial, demo, or course preview prior to purchase, to allow you to determine if the course content & format will meet your needs.

Below is an overview of the reviews. You can also download the complete Training Vendor Comparison Guidebook for your reference.

Training Vendor Comparison Guidebook

And now I've put together this Review Guidebook that includes each review as well as a side-by-side comparison of the companies. You can download the complete guidebook , or review the chart here and the company reviews individually.

Individual Vendor Reviews - each opens in a new window:

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Overview of Products


Vivid Learning Systems




Company Focus Online safety training that meets OSHA General Industry training requirements. Courses are designed to engage/optimize the learning experience. Courses emphasize knowledge retention to promote safe working behaviors in the workplace. eLearning programs help ensure staff has the most up-to-date knowledge on the most critical subjects at a fraction of classroom training costs.. Course library includes thousands of high-quality, modern video lessons covering topics important to today’s workforce, from business skills to HR compliance and industry specific topics. Innovative approaches to changing the behaviors that define workplace culture. Emtrain offers compliance training that moves beyond checking-the-box, to actually change the behaviors that cause legal and reputational risk.
Languages Available English, 53 Courses in Spanish 20+ Languages English English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese
Main Course Formats Video (includes supplemental materials and micro-learning videos) Video Video Video/HTML5
Mobile Friendly transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark
SCORM/AICC Compliant transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark


Course Offerings & Pricing [ Back-to-Top ]

  Vivid Learning Systems Skillsoft BizLibrary Emtrain
Key Course Topics OSHA’s General Industry training, Manufacturing, Construction, Electrical Workers (1910.269), OSHA 10 & 30, Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards, Human Resources (Sexual Harassment, Violence in the Workplace, etc.), Environmental Management (Hazardous Waste Management, Stormwater Management, etc.) Leadership Development, Business & Management Skills Training, Digital Transformation, Digital Skills Training, Technology, Developer & Certification Solutions, Compliance Training, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Training Business Skills, HR Compliance, Software, Leadership & Management, Workplace Safety, Sales & Service, Information Technology Ethics, Code of Conduct, Harassment & Discrimination Prevention, Diversity & Inclusion, Privacy & Data Security
Sexual Harassment Compliance Training California Sexual Harassment for Supervisors: A.B. 1825 & A.B. 2053 California (AB 1825, SB 1343)
NY (State Budget)
NYC (Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act)
Canada (Ontario, Quebec)
Title IX
Global Harassment
California AB1825/AB2053
California (AB 1825, SB 1343)
NY (State Budget)
NYC (Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act)
Canada (Ontario, Quebec)
Pricing Model You are billed based on the number of employees you are training & the number and type of courses you need. Annual Subscription, Custom Builds Contact BizLibrary for more information about course, basic and enterprise pricing offerings. Annual Subscription
Free Demo Course preview is offered. transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark transparent-green-checkmark
Target Audience Enterprise, Small-Midsize Business Enterprise, Small-Midsize Business Small-Midsize Business Small-Midsize Business
Best For... Companies that require safety training & refresher courses for regulatory compliance. Companies that need a full suite of employee learning content (e.g. Workplace Safety, Business Skills, Leadership, Technology & Developer). Companies that have diverse training requirements - from soft business skills like business etiquette, ethics, anti-harassment, to workplace safety and sales training. if you’re a small to mid size business that’s looking for high quality, but reasonably priced training content.


Company Reviews & Contact Info  [ Back-to-Top ]

  Vivid Learning Systems Skillsoft BizLibrary Emtrain
Capterra No reviews. 4/5 Overall
4/5 Ease of Use
4/5 Customer Service
4.5/5 Overall
4.5/5 Ease of Use
4.5/5 Customer Service
3.5/5 Overall
4/5 Ease of Use
1/5 Customer Service
G2 No reviews. 4.1/5 Overall 4.5/5 Overall 4/5 Overall
Contact Phone # 1-800-956-0333 1-866-757-3177 1-888-315-8707 1-800-242-6099
In Business Since... 1995 1998 1996 2006

Download your copy of the Guidebook.

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