Powerful, real-time reports give you insight into training requirements, compliance & results.

With all training data stored in a single database, you have maximum flexibility for tracking training data.


Use smart reports to track the requirements & compliance of every employee.

Quickly generate reports on employees' training status, including training due-dates, deadlines, and requirement status. Generate compliance reports to determine who is overdue for training or who has training requirements due in the next 30 days - you select the compliance report filters. You determine what information to display on the report. And share the report with managers, so follow-up is easy, ensuring higher compliance levels.

Powerful Reports

Data Control

Control data access.

You have full control over what information report managers can access: which courses, groups, locations, & more. Filter privileges based on needs, so each manager has the information required to do their job without compromising others' privacy.

Easy data export.

Export report data in tab-separated-format (TSV) for use in other applications, like Excel or Numbers. Just click the export link at the top of the report and save the file to your hard drive. Import the file directly into the application of your choice.

Our powerful, easy to use learning management software can simplify training for your entire organization.