Flexible user management options give you control over who sees what in your online training environment.

With easy permission management forms, you assign privileges to users based on their role in your organization.

Custom roles

Set the foundation for customizing data access using pre-defined roles. With 5 user roles to choose from, you determine which LMS functions users can access and the data they can see. You control seven permission levels: Administrator, Course Manager, User Manager, Report Manager, Curriculum Manager, Certification Manager, and Trainee.

Use grouping categories to streamline reports.

Streamline course assignments and segment reporting data using categories. Groupings make it easy to customize and automate course assignments.

Manage Users


Store additional user files in your database.

Store additional user files – like job reviews, descriptions, third party training certificates – in your training database to keep all training data in a single location.

Synchronize personnel data & your training database.

Let us create an automatic process to synchronize your HR database with the LMS at no additional cost. Automatically add/delete/modify users on a nightly basis.

Our powerful, easy to use learning management software can simplify training for your entire organization.